It's not an official portrait — but for one rare moment, the Internet was fooled.

  • Update: Apparently this was a bit — a prank that caught on! A Dutch artist, Edwin van den Dikkenberg, painted this, but it is NOT Obama's official portrait.

    Original Entry: There's a joke that goes on about Barack Obama — that, while here we have Donald Trump making an infinite amount of disgusting scandals and ruining our relationship with the world one phone call at a time, our old president's only major "scandal" was him wearing a tan suit. It began as an Internet joke, then a bunch of the same racist talking heads had something rude to say about it. So it goes.

    Anywho, the idea of the tan suit being a scandal is a joke the Internet ran with, and one Obama got basically etched in stone after he wore a tan suit in his official outgoing presidential portrait.

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  • I love it. Obama has always had an unnaturally good sense of humor about himself — for a politician, or for anyone. His taste was always impeccable (having Luther from Key and Peele with him at a White House Correspondents' Dinner, while Trump just yells at Saturday Night Live is quite the difference), but this is on another level. Barack Obama got a deeply unfair, often conspiracy driven amount of coverage — much of it from our current sitting president — and the tan suit was just one of ten thousand stories in the cycle, but by putting on the suit, he's basically saying, "If this is the worst I was, then you guys were pretty lucky to have me. Good luck in your fascism doom spiral, folks".

    Or, maybe — he just likes the suit.

    A lot of people are saying it may not be his actual portrait, but for now, let's just enjoy the idea that it may very well be. What do you think of Obama's beautiful tan suit portrait? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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