Couple Meets As Twitter Joke, Then Gets MARRIED!?

Hashtag True Love

  • One of the cooler aspects of Twitter is being privy to some of the weird, personal, fly on the wall moments between people, wether its your favorite celebrities sucking up to celebrities slightly more famous than them, journalists getting into stupid fights or— true love!? Whaaa!? Yes, that's right, true love, and true love is what we got when Twitter user @Lila was looking for a wedding date for her sister's wedding in 2014 — and a complete stranger responded! Weirdly enough, together they went!

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  • The flirting continued sweetly, and jokingly forward.

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  • And then folks — surprisingly, three years later, the couple got married! Married for reals! That must have been some date my friends, that must have been some date!

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  • Well, good job @Lila and @PhilGibson01! You met in the best way a couple could — over a goofy flirty Twitter goof! Good job you weird goofs! I imagine a couple relating so hard over a goof so goofy will have so many happy years going forward together!

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