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The Summer Set Performs "Boomerang" and Teases New "Legendary" Album

The Summer Set Performs "Boomerang" and Teases New "Legendary" Album

  • With their third album, Legendary, set to launch on April 16, The Summer Set's Brian Logan Dales, Jess Bowen and John Gomez stop by the studio to perform their hit single "Boomerang" and chat with Shira Lazar and Chris Thompson about on tap for 2013.

    "It's a high-energy, really rhythmic perfect I think feel good summer album," Dales says of the new record. "We're The Summer Set. it's probably about time we put out a feel-good summer album." He continues, "'Legendary' is about inspiring people to be the best version of themselves that they can be."

    Gomez adds they play around with a lot of synthetic elements this time. And they recorded the album one song at a time, which took them almost a year. Dales chimes in to say that they wrote 50 songs and chose 12. "I think this is the most prepared we've ever been for a record," he says of the group's third effort.

    Having gotten their sea legs as a cover band before YouTube even came onto the scene, this group officially formed in 2007 when most of them were still in high school. They love their band name but hate the story behind choosing it. Apparently, "The Summer Set" emerged as their own version of "Somerset" which they found on an atlas somewhere. But there's another slightly unofficial version of this tale: Somerset was one of the only English ships in port at the time of the Boston Tea Party. Sure, we'll go with that one instead.

    Since then, they've been building up an amazing community of followers and fellow creators. They pride themselves on being probably one of the only artists to actually made a goat remix of their own song. "We didn't want to wait for someone to make a goat video for us," Dales says. So they did it themselves, naturally!

    And fans can gather, share their work, and meet new friends on The Summer Set's own online community, Half Moon Kids.

    "We'd always wanted to start some sort of movement that was more larger than life than just like a street team for our band," Dales says. "Some of these fans will come to Summer Set shows alone and meet people through our community."

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