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Cody Simpson performs LIVE on What’s Trending

Cody Simpson performs LIVE on What’s Trending

  • At 15 years old, few teens are as talented and famous as Cody Simpson, an artist who’s captivated audiences not only in his native Australia, but Stateside as well. He's got the stories to prove it.

    "It's crazy, we always make sure we park our cars and stuff, but we always come back and wonder how it's possible for people to leave lipstick stains all over the windows," he told Shira, talking about one of his craziest fan stories.

    The singer-songwriter stopped by the What’s Trending Studios on Wednesday to perform his latest single “Got Me Good”, tell Shira what he misses the most from his homeland and to answer some questions from his most beloved fans. His performance starts at the 5:50 mark.

    Since starting to post covers on his YouTube channel in 2009, he has gained a huge online following and fan base. "So much has happened in the last two years," Simpson told Shira."It's crazy. It all started online. I really wasn't expecting much from it, it was just a bit of fun really."

    Performing is something he said he loves to do, and his summer tour will have him playing almost every night, and he enjoys being on stage and "seeing my fans smiling."

    So does the young musician ever get nervous?

    "All the time," he told Shira. "There's never a show where I am not nervous. I actually get nervous in front of smaller crowds [rather] than bigger ones. You're a lot more vulnerable; everyone is right there and they can see every little thing you're doing."

    He said he misses Australia all the time, mentioning his friends, family and surfing. His album, Paradise, will be released in October, and he will be touring this summer to promote his music.

    And if he could be another person for a day, a question asked from a fan via Twitter, who would he be: "I just want to be me."

    His most loyal fans went nuts over his performance, tweeting away before, during and after Simpson’s performance. Below is a sampling of some of the tweets they sent What’s Trending.

    Be sure to follow Cody on Twitter @CodySimpson and visit his official website, While his album, Paradise, is dropping in October a preview will be made available on June 12.

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