'The Voices' Trailer Will Make You Even More Afraid Of Your Cat

Ryan Reynolds is joined by the most adorable...and hairiest co-stars ever!

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    It looks like Ryan Reynolds goes killer in this new comedy...where he's compelled to kill by his talking pets. Yeah, you read that right. Ryan Reynolds' character can hear the voices of his pets. The upside is he has a dog and a cat, which means he basically has the cutest co-stars ever!

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    Also, yes. I'm including Anna Kendrick in that list of most adorable co-stars ever because - I mean, just look at her. Red pandas everywhere should watch out, because Anna is out to steal their gig.

    The Voices looks like one of those movies that could be dumb enough to work. I feel like it's such a crazy premise that I would definitely get into it. What do you guys think? Will this flick be worth the watch?

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