Zac Efron Pitches 'Neighbors 3: Zombies Rising' Trailer

Would you watch that movie?

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  • Getting ready for the highly anticipated Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising theatrical release this Friday, the team behind the films created a fake trailer for the third film in the series, under the guise of Zac Efron pitching it to co-star Seth Rogen. The third film, per Efron, would feature the two going up against the undead, and would be titled Neighbors 3: Zombies Rising. Despite a complete shift away from comedies set in the world we currently live in, zombies taking over in the third somehow doesn't seem like that much of a logic jump. Probably because everything is still zombies right now. But you know what? We'd all probably go see that film anyway. But for now, the trailer will definitely suffice.

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