New Bag of Doritos Plays Music!

This new chip bag will play you the new Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack in full.

  • Doritos might have just done the coolest thing ever.

    The company's latest promotion effort for new Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 features a chip bag you can plug your headphone into! The design is similar to that of a cassette deck, and it can also be recharged in case you, you know, you finish your playlist before the bag of chips.

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  • The film's soundtrack, revealed earlier this month, features hits from artists like Electric Light Orchestra, Parliament and (one of my favorites) Fleetwood Mac!

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  • These new Doritos bags are not available to the public just yet, but will be soon via Amazon.

    So, what are my peeps on the Internet saying about Doritos latest "innovation?" Some are sold, other prefer Cheetos, and the large majority just want to know why this is even necessary.

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  • In Doritos defense, however, it's a cute idea. I can dig it… even if I am a staple Hot Cheetos lovin' Latina.

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  • Will you be picking up one of these new Doritos bags? Definitely let us know if you do in the future! Until then, let us know whether or not you'll be watching the new film out in theaters May 05, 2017 in the comments below or @WhatsTrending on Twitter!

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