Hilary Duff "Chasing The Sun" Blooper Reel Contains Zero Bloopers

Unless "bloopers" means "faux candid moments of Hilary smiling," I'm pretty sure what we've got here is an extended commercial for a video that's already out.

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  • Everyone loves a good blooper reel. It reminds us that stars are just like us! They make mistakes and goof around on the job. Who wouldn't love that?

    So, it's no surprise that the team behind Hilary Duff's "Chasing The Sun" would want to publish their own video of Duff acting totally natural and silly on the set of the video. Unfortunately, what we get is a slightly shorter version of the music video with Duff laughing (maybe in between takes?) and the beach dude flexing his pecs, if you're into that sort of thing.

    If you feel cheated, watch this:

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  • And this:

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  • And top it all off with this:

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  • Enjoy.

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