10 Christmas Songs You Need On Your Playlist

I just really like Christmas, okay?

  • 1. Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler - Zombie Christmas

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    This is for those of you who love holiday music so much that you need a reason to start listening to it before it makes people want to smash your speakers in half. Now, you can start listening to Christmas music on Halloween! I also recommend the entire holiday album that this song is from:

  • Thisischristmasalbum 566


    Click here to buy the album.

  • 2. Cameron Mitchell + aprilemade - Where Christmas Is Found

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    Here's one for all of you long distance lovebirds! "Where Christmas Is Found" is off of one of my favorite Christmas albums to come out in the past few years. The album is titled "For You" (also a great song on the album) and you can check it out by clicking here.

  • 3. Meiko- Maybe Next Year

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    Yes, there are also tunes for those on the naughty list! Check out this track from one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Meiko! If this song sounds familiar to you, it's off of the same holiday compilation album as Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson's holiday hit, "Winter Song."

  • 4. Sara Bareilles - Love Is Christmas

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    Speaking of Sara Bareilles (who I'm honestly surprised is not a living legend by now, with her song writing skills and incomparable voice), here's a song for those who are looking for something that captures the true meaning of Christmas.

  • 5. Dan Wilson - Are You Lonely Tonight, Mrs. Claus?

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    This is one of my favorite songs that I think should be holiday classics, but just never really saw the light of day. It's the perfect Christmas Eve tune about a pretty major Christmas character that we tend to forget about, Mrs. Claus!

  • 6. The Killers - Joel, The Lump Of Coal

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    In case you weren't aware, The Killers have been putting out a Christmas track every year since 2006 in support of The RED Campaign! Here's the music video they made for this year's song with Jimmy Kimmel.

  • 7. The Poptarts - Christmas Gift

    Yes, I know that the album art for this one looks like a 5 year old made it on Microsoft Paint. However, this song makes for just good general Christmas/holiday party background music. It's catchy enough to pay attention to it if you want, and kind of generic enough to just fade into the background.

  • 8. The Boy Least Likely To - CHRISTMAS ISN'T CHRISTMAS

    Having a lonely holiday season this year? Here's a song to listen to while you wallow in your hot chocolate, which we all know is mostly made up of Bailey's. If this artist sounds familiar, you would probably recognize their song from Easy A starring Emma Stone.

  • 9. Sara Bareilles - Jersey Shore Christmas Song

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    I thought about not repeating an artist on this list, but why not? This is my list! Also, because Sara Bareilles could totally make her way as a comedian if music didn't work out. Check out her Christmas song about the MTV reality TV show that no one even remembers anymore, Jersey Shore! Oh Sara B, you're the best -don't ever change.

  • 10. Pentatonix - That's Christmas To Me

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    Last but certainly not least is the title track of this year's hit Christmas album by our friends, Pentatonix! Check out their adorable music video for it, featuring some of the cutest childhood videos of these a cappella superstars!

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