Taylor Swift Played "Shake It Off" With Paul McCartney At #SNL40 Afterparty

Featuring Jimmy Fallon, of freaking course!

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    Don't hate. You'll want to hate since you weren't at the afterparty where Taylor Swift performed "Shake It Off" with a Paul McCartney who either didn't know the words, didn't want to sing, or was just too starstruck by Tay-Tay to join in.

    He's playing chords on that guitar, but really, who gives a shit if he's keeping up or playing the right song or whatever. Taylor Swift on stage with a freaking BEATLE! Oh, and Jimmy Fallon, who is probably doing an impression of Neil Young not keeping a straight face.

    Again. What the fuck ever! You were not at this party. I was not at this party. I don't care what you did last night. You missed out.

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