YouTube Music Awards Honors Traditional, Online Artists

Rihanna and Lindsey Sterling all in the same breath.

  • The YouTube Music Awards are back, but they're different than you remember. Earlier this month, YouTube selected 50 artists as winners based on viewership and engagement, and honored them by premiering over a dozen new music videos last night.

    Tyler Oakley hosted the award show, and made it pretty clear from the outset that this would not be a mirror of The Grammys over the previous YouTube Music Awards.

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    The full show can be seen in this playlist, and features new music videos from Shameer, FKA Twigs and Action Bronson.

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    If you're interested in taking a look back, here's 2013's live show, hosted by Jason Schwartzman and Reggie Watts, and featuring a pretty spectacular level of clusterfuckitude.

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