Beyonce & Bruno Mars Out-Awesomed Coldplay at the Super Bowl

Chris Martin’s performance was pleasantly goofy, and then the real show started.

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  • I did not think there was any way for Coldplay’s Chris Martin to seem any whiter, but putting him between Beyonce and Bruno Mars sure did the trick.

    If you watched the Super Bowl last night, you’ll know that Coldplay was the opening act of the halftime show, performing a medley of “Yellow,” “Viva La Vida,” “Paradise,” “Adventure of a Lifetime” and “Fix You,” accompanied by a crowd of technicolor violinists. Which is nice and everything, but an odd choice for something as mega-macho as the Super Bowl.

    The organizers probably realized that, because the following act was a jaw-dropping face-off between Bruno Mars performing his hit song “Uptown Funk,” and Beyonce’s first-ever live performance of “Formation,” which broke the internet when it dropped as a surprise music video on Saturday.

    The dueling superstars got right up in each other’s faces - though Beyonce probably won before she even took the stage, using the Super Bowl as her personal marketing campaign for “Formation” and her upcoming world tour - before they joined forces for the big epic finish.

    And then Chris Martin jumped in, because oh right I forgot, Chris Martin’s in this show. And he looked like a giant dork.

    Poor guy, getting made fun of all over the internet today. (Then again, he did get to perform with Beyonce, so who are we even kidding, he’s doing fine.)

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