Robert Pattinson Stars in 'Rover' - A Futuristic Action Film

A trailer for this futuristic drama/sci-fi was just released.

  • THE ROVER - Official Full Trailer HD

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    'The Rover' stars Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson and takes place in the Australian outback. Poor Pattinson plays the victim once again, after the gang he and his brother are apart of abandons him during a car theft. The car belonged to Guy Pearce, a man with nothing left to lose. He and Pattinson team up to not only survive, but to take back what is there's… or Pearce's. It is difficulty to fully understand the plot from this short trailer. But the film seems like an intense drama/action with some impressive actors. It will hit theaters on June 13th!

    NY/LA June 13, Nationwide June 20.

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