Google Buys Human Curated Music Service Songza

In a deal rumored in excess of $15 million, the search giant has acquired music streaming service Songza with plans of integrating the platform into the rest of the Google suite.

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  • Engadget teases the clandestine nature of the deal...

    Google has just purchased music streaming service Songza and, while the exact terms of the deal have yet to be disclosed, it reportedly involves what financial experts refer to as "a boat load of money."


  • The Verge covers the spread...

    Sources familiar with the deal say that the purchase price for Songza, which had raised a total of just $6.7 million to date, was far less than what Apple paid for Beats. Earlier reports on the acquisition from the New York Post said Google was offering around $15 million, while The New York Times claims the deal is worth over $39 million.


  • Mashable Succinctly Summarizes Songza

    Rather than providing users with a la carte access to songs and albums, it offers up expert-curated playlists around mood, time of day and general theme. The service is available on the web, for iOS and Android, and even on Chromecast.


  • Billboard elaborates on Songza's inner-workings...

    Songza employs about 50 music curators, who program playlists designed for moods, activities, times of day, or even weather in the listener’s area -- say, “Southern Soul Barbecue” or “Black Tie Bump ‘N Grind.” Google plans to hire all of Songza’s staff, and leave the web site intact for now.


  • Billboard also elaborates on Google's plans...

    Google plans to incorporate Songza’s playlists into its Google Play Music All Access subscription service, enhancing its radio function. Google Play already has some human-curated playlists, but largely relies on algorithms for much of its radio-style programming. Songza may also be integrated into a paid YouTube service, which Google acknowledged it is readying.


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