Lance Stephenson To Pacers: "Show Me The Money!"

Lance Stephenson & Pacers on different pages, turns down 5 year/$44 Million deal.

  • 2014 06 30 stephenson free agency

    Despite the Pacers extravagant presentation, which included renting out a movie theater and showing a movie dedicated to his life story, Lance Stephenson and the Indiana Pacer's contract negotiations remain at a standstill.

    Stephenson was a breakout performer and had an outstanding playoff campaign this past season, which is why he feels he is worth more than the 5 years/$44 million that the Pacers recently offered him to stay in Indiana. Stephenson will now go through the process of becoming a free agent and being courted by teams who are looking in the market for the 24-year-old's services.

    Losing Stephenson would be a tremendous blow to the Pacers. It looks like Indiana needs to step their game up and show Stephenson the money he feels he deserves before another team does.

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