This Man Is Proud To Eat Olive Garden Twice A Day, Every Day

He says he's saved over $1,000.

  • You may remember in September when Olive Garden launched its Never Ending Pasta Pass. For $100, you could purchase a card which would allow you UNLIMITED Olive Garden pasta (note: barely food) for seven weeks, from September 22 to November 9. Only 1,000 of the cards were sold.

    With just a few days left in the promotion, we've learned about Alan Martin, a church minister from Burlington, North Carolina, who's eaten at Olive Garden twice a day, every day, since late September.

  • This crazy individual says he has not gained any weight and is proud of the "value" he's received from buying the card. Of course, he is the sole owner of the card, and is shown in the above news segment eating alone, so we're assuming that his two kids have been subsisting on half-empty jars of Skippy and sugar packets.

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