Damon Wayans Chats About His 'Flick Dat' App

From the 2014 Samsung Developers Conference

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    Shira Lazar from What's Trending got the chance to chat with some of the biggest names at the 2014 Samsung Developer Conference. Comedian Damon Wayans discusses his new app, Flick Dat, and how Samsung technology is changing the game.

    He came up with the idea for app after leaving a tech conference and not being able to make heads or tails of the 50 or so business cards he received. Wouldn't it be cool to just "flick" that card to someone digitally, he thought.

    “I added the ability to put video on your [business] card and also take a picture of whatever you want and make that your background. Pretty sexy.”

    Watch Wayans demonstrate the app:

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    He also discussed his new app, Diddeo, a platform for creating professional-looking music videos on a smart phone. Wayans calls it a pocket studio "and soon-to-be community."

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