Counter-Protesters Greet Ferguson Protest With Fried Chicken, Melon

Thank goodness we live in a post-racial society.

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    If you thought most racism in the United States these days was systematic and subconscious, this video will shock you.

    Fifty or so protesters affiliated with the NAACP, marching from Ferguson to Jefferson City against police violence toward the black community, were met by a counter protest on the side of the road. These people (mostly men) shout angrily at the marchers with totally non-racial comments like:

    "Where's the great Al Sharpton?"
    "All this for a thug and a thief."
    "No peace, no welfare checks!"

    At one point, about 30 seconds into the video, the cameraman tilts down to show a bag of fried chicken, a bottle of beer, and what looks like a yellow, oval-shaped melon laying in the street. About 45 seconds in, you can see a Confederate flag.

    This is what the voices of reason are up against. The racism emerging from Ferguson is no longer covert. For 2014, or any time, this is shameful, and it's on full display.

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