Don Lemon Is Tweeting About The Weather

Because that's his major concern right now.

  • It's pretty cold in New York right now. In fact, much of the country is going through a rough cold snap at the moment. It's news. CNN is covering it, obviously alongside their coverage of the brutal Charlie Hebdo attacks this week. Don Lemon is tweeting about it. The weather.

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    9 degrees in New York? Yikes, that's pretty cold. I can understand why he's tweeting about it. Wait, isn't Don Lemon the same guy who asked a respected Muslim human rights lawyer if he supported Isis, after he had been condemning the attacks for several minutes? Yes, that is Don Lemon.

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    Don Lemon did not apologize to Arsalan Iftikhar and even reiterated his question, after Iftikhar looked visibly offended and said, "Did you just ask if I support Isis?"

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    Yes, I know these tweets are from before the interview with Iftikhar. I'm trying to make a point. Here's the video:

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    I will happily update this article should Don Lemon issue an apology.

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