PayPal Brings 'Shark Tank' To SXSW

Six companies are facing off for the chance to win $30,000.

  • Annually at SXSW, thousands of BBQ-lovers, moviegoers and all variety of bearded music festival attendees are strategically separated from their money. This year, one company will have a chance to make some money, if they can adequately impress Shark Tank's Daymond John.

  • Screen shot 2015 02 18 at 8.07.56 am

    Six young companies are competing for your votes. The two finalists will be sent to SXSW to pitch their ideas to Daymond John at the PayPal Social Media Lounge.

    As of this writing, the first place product is Hemingwrite, a digital typewriter that features an electronic paper screen and saves your work to the Cloud without the distractions that come with a laptop computer (Facebook, OkCupid, Twitter, Reddit and Daft Punk Consoles).

    But, the challengers are hardly slouches. Prynt is a cell phone case that doubles as a photo printer, and Urban Cheesecraft, a kit that allows you to make your own home. If I could do that I'd never leave my apartment.

    Head over to PayPal's SXSW Duel page to vote for your favorite entry. We'll have more info at the start of SXSW of how you can watch the stream.

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