Why Wasn't Eddie Murphy in More of #SNL40?

Norm MacDonald reveals the answer on his Twitter.

  • After Sunday night's marathon 3 1/2 hour Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special, many wondered why Eddie Murphy's appearance was so short, why he didn't do classic characters like Buckwheat, Gumby or Mr. Robinson, or bring out some of his classic impressions like Stevie Wonder, Mr. T or (ahem) Bill Cosby.

    At least part of the answer was revealed by Norm MacDonald on Twitter yesterday.

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    The bit he's referring to is from Celebrity Jeopardy, where Darrell Hammond reprised his role as Sean Connery, and Norm MacDonald himself was back as Burt Reynolds (Turd Ferguson).

    Eddie Murphy was supposed to play a celebrity member of the "Clue Crew," in a brief jab at Bill Cosby. He wouldn't do it, so Kenan Thompson stepped in. The Cosby bit starts around 7:55.

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    If you haven't ever seen Eddie Murphy's Bill Cosby impression, it's pretty damn impeccable. He famously tells a story about receiving a phone call from Cosby in his 1987 standup special, Raw.

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    The full story is on MacDonald's Twitter, which you'll want to follow if you're a fan of comedy, and especially if you're a fan of golf.

    A spokesperson for Cosby told NBC News that the comedian "applauds" Murphy's decision.

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