Delta Plane Skids Off Runway, Through Fence in NYC

Passengers evacuated from plane, after it nearly falls into river; no life-threatening injuries

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    Source: FDNY

  • Amid heavy snow in New York City, a Delta plane skidded across runway before crashing into a fence just feet from NYC's East River on Thursday. Delta Flight 1086 was coming in for landing to LaGuardia Airport from Atlanta, but instead of a smooth landing, all 127 passengers and five crew members had to be evacuated by the fire department.

    No life-threatening injuries were reported, but 24 people were injured.

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  • The plane came in around 11 AM Eastern Time. Immediately following the crash, the runway was closed for hours. It is unclear if weather was a factor in the crash. Speaking with CBS New York, the Port Authority of New York said the runway had been plowed just before Flight 1086 attempted to land.

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  • The images and videos uploaded by passengers and others at LaGuardia show just how close the plane was to pitching into the frigid water.

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