Massive Tornado Caught on Camera

Rochelle, IL was the site of this gigantic twister that flattened at least 30 buildings

  • Rochelle, IL was struck by a massive tornado yesterday. The rural town was the site of this huge twister, that one resident was able to capture on camera in this jaw-dropping video.

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  • At least 30 homes were reduced to rubble Thursday afternoon in Rochelle. The Grubsteakers mentioned in the video title was a local restaurant that was also demolished by the tornado. According to WLS-TV, 12 people were in the restaurant when the twister hit. They all took shelter in the building and all survived unscathed.

    "I stood at the door taking pictures of the tornado coming at me, and finally the owner of the restaurant said, 'Everybody in the basement right now!'," Raymond Kramer told WLS-TV.

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