Surfer Mick Fanning Attacked by Shark on Live TV

The former world champion survived a dramatic shark attack during a competition in South Africa.

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  • People watching the J-Bay Open surfing competition in South Africa won't be in a hurry to get in the water after watching a large shark lunge for Mick Fanning's leg and knock him off his board.

    The former surfing world champion managed to escape with nothing more than a gnawed-off board leash, but the view from shore was pretty alarming as the shark's fin sliced through the water and Fanning disappeared for a couple of seconds.

    "Holy shit," one of the announcers says on live TV, before he can stop himself.

    A moment later Fanning is seen swimming toward the beach as a rescue boat and jet ski rush to get him out of the water and horns blast to call off the competition.

    He was shaken but okay as a sports reporter caught up with him on the boat. "It just kept coming at my board and I was kicking and screaming."

    Fortunately Fanning is from Australia, where wrestling with sharks isn't too far out of the ordinary. "I punched it in the back!"

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