Giant Minion Balloon Causes Traffic Chaos in Dublin

Drivers were startled to see a 40-foot-tall Minion looming ahead of them in the road.

  • Minion2

    This “Minions” advertising campaign is getting out of hand, guys.

    Drivers in north Dublin got a bit of a surprise today when they saw a huge 40-foot-tall inflatable Minion rolling down the road toward them.

    The Irish Independent reports that the balloon somehow flew loose and landed in the middle of afternoon traffic - all part of the Minions’ world domination plot, most likely. Local police were called in and worked with passers-by to deflate it.

    Turns out the Minion was part of a carnival in the area, but it fell over and rolled onto the road. Nobody was injured, so it was just a funny news story to spice up their day - or yet another elaborate marketing ploy from Universal.

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