How Many Trees Are There In The World?

It's a lot more than we thought, but they're dwindling fast.

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    How many trees are on Planet Earth? Thanks to new data displayed in this cool globe-shaped infographic from the “Nature” YouTube channel, we now have the answer.

    Researchers have learned there are 3.04 trillion trees - that’s 3,040,000,000,000 - almost eight times more than we thought.

    Previous estimates were based on satellite data, but now thousands of people have collected data on forest density around the world. It required 421,529 measurements from fifty countries on six continents (we’re guessing they could safely skip Antarctica).

    The new information will be useful in figuring out how to replenish and conserve the trees we still have. The data shows there about 400 trees for every person on Earth - but they’re currently disappearing at a rate of about 1.4 trees per person per year.

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