3nder App Gets $500,000 Investment

They must be doing something right - or just have some conveniently rich, kinky friends.

  • What your threesome will 100% not look like:

  • Sure, it’s easy to laugh at the “Tinder for threesomes” app 3nder because of its silly name - my autocorrect is convinced I mean “under” and will not rest until I’ve realized this - but they did just raise $500,000 in seed capital from an anonymous pair of angel investors.

    If you hadn’t heard about 3nder before, our host Anna Lore and comedian Rob Fee spoke about the app on the What’s Trending Podcast last week:

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  • True, it costs a monthly fee of nearly $13, but that could be worth it to avoid the awkwardness of trying to set up threesomes with random people you meet at a bar or something.

    Founder Dimo Trifonov has this to say:

    “Nowadays more people are looking for relationships that are designed with more freedom in mind. We are building the first safe environment for open minded people where they can meet likeminded partners, and the response has been fantastic. We are also gender-blind and orientation-blind, so everyone is welcome.”

    The internet, of course, has its concerns:

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