Anonymous Has Not Doxxed The KKK... Yet

They're still planning to, but the current list of names and emails weren't released by the group.

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  • Just this past Halloween, hack group Anonymous posted a video claiming the group would publish the information of alleged members of the Ku Klux Klan. When a document appeared on Pastebin, containing phone numbers and emails of supposed members, it seemed the group had accomplished their goals. However, that might not be the case.

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  • Several documents posted to Pastebin seemed to come through on the group's threat. The next day, the Anonymous Twitter account associated with the operation quickly disavowed document itself, revealing that the actual data would be released on November 5th.

  • Gizmodo revealed yesterday that several of the email addresses on the list were unverified, and hacker associated with the release, Amped Attacks, was not associated with the group. Anonymous and Amped Attacks both took to Twitter, stating that Amped Attacks was not part of Anonymous. The hacker's release of unverified information is not part of the "official" Operation KKK release.

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  • Amped Attacks has yet to admit the information sent out was disingenuous, instead claiming they would send "proof" to the media of their accusations. They also claiming the media would have to "sort out the proof" themselves and "report it".

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  • So far, the several media outlets have reported several of the politicians listed in Amped Attacks documents have no connection with the KKK, and have not verified the hackers accusations.

    Until then, Anonymous has asked the internet to ignore any documents that have not been released by the official Operation KKK twitter account.

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