#BrusselsLockdown: Internet Kitties Fight Terrorism in Belgium

People in Belgium flooded the #BrusselsLockdown tag with cat pictures to hide police movements.

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    If we can’t laugh at silly cats on the internet, the terrorists win.

    Things are still tense in Belgium, as the government extended its highest-level terror alert into next week while searching for a terrorism suspect reported to be at large in Brussels following the Paris attacks.

    Salon reports:

    Belgian police yesterday requested a social media blackout in Brussels amid an ongoing three-day manhunt for fugitive Paris attacker Salah Abdeslam. The effort by Belgian police was to prevent people in Brussels from tweeting details of police whereabouts and threatening the efficacy of counterterrorism raids.

    Pretty terrifying stuff - but the people of Brussels have found the perfect way to deal with it. Scroll through the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag and you won’t be getting information about the police - but you will be getting lots and lots of kitties.

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    The situation in Belgium is no laughing matter, but the idea of some frustrated terrorist somewhere trying to find tactical information among thousands of mocking cat pictures is enough to boost my spirits.

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