30% of Republicans Want to Bomb Agrabah

You know, the country from Disney’s “Aladdin.” Which is not real.

  • Agrabah
  • If you’re wondering why “Agrabah” is trending on Twitter today, you can thank those scamps at Public Policy Polling - they’re trolling the Republicans with trick questions again. So silly!

    Also I’m deeply worried about the election now.

    According to a new PPP poll, 30% of Republican primary voters - who are generally more hardcore than people who vote in the general election - are in favor of military intervention in Agrabah because it’s a national security threat. This is particularly true of Donald Trump supporters.

    This is Agrabah.

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  • (Are you done rewatching “Aladdin” songs on YouTube now? Okay cool.)

    Don’t get too cocky, Democrats…

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  • To be fair, though, if I was taking a political poll and came across this question, I would laugh about it and play along, because I grew up watching Disney movies and I’m a dork. I’m quite willing to believe lots of Americans think Agrabah is a real place, but there’s no way to know if any of the respondents, Republican or Democrat, were being serious when they answered the question.

    Just look at all the people enjoying themselves by having actual political debates about Agrabah’s culture:

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  • On a more serious note, the poll also reveals that 46% of GOPers support a national Muslim database, 26% believe Islam should be illegal and 54% are in favor of banning Muslims from the US.

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