Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder Finally Makes A Bernie Sanders Inspired Flavor

The ice cream flavor we all need and deserve

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  • After months of rumours of a Bernie Sanders Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, The Daily Dot
    reported that co-founder Ben Cohen has finally revealed a flavor, Bernie’s Yearning, just for the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign. While the ice cream is not associated with the Vermont based Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Cohen states that he and co-founder, Jerry Greenfield, have supported Sanders for thirty years.

    With all the interest and constant questioning of both media and the public, Cohen decided to personally make the flavor himself, in his own kitchen. Besides the hours of volunteer labor Cohen put into making the ice cream, the funding for all additional costs came from Bernie 2016, the Vermont senator's official presidential campaign.

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    (Ben Cohen, Ben & Jerry's co-founder)

  • The Bernie’s Yearning website describes the flavor as being composed of a top layer of thick solid chocolate above plain mint ice cream:

    The chocolate disc represents the huge majority of economic gains that have gone to the top 1% since the end of the recession. Beneath it, the rest of us.”

    Clearly Sanders views have struck a chord with the Ben & Jerry’s co-founder.

    Unlike the senator’s beliefs about how the government should treat healthcare, this ice cream is extremely hard to acquire, as only 40 pints were created. Cohen donated 25 of them to the Sanders campaign, and is holding a contest to win one of the limited edition pints. If you’re feeling lucky, sign up here for a chance at one of these coveted pints.

    Bernie's critics online can't resist joking about it, of course:

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