Builders Discover Wallet Lost 70 Years Ago, Track Down Owner

The wallet contained WWII ration stamps and an antique Boy Scout card.

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  • This man just recovered his lost wallet - 71 years after he lost it.

    Larry Sloan and his wife recently bought the old Talent Factory Theater in Nevada and were renovating it to make a live comedy club when they ran across an old wallet lodged in the floorboards. They glanced through it and discovered a calendar dated 1944, along with WWII ration stamps, a Boy Scout card, faded photos and an ID.

    Larry was a former investigator, and had enough information to track down 85-year-old Clare McIntosh, who was alive and well and astonished to have his childhood wallet returned to him.

    “It’s unreal,” he said. “I thought at first it must be some sort of a joke.”

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