Pope Francis Might Be Joining Instagram

What kinds of Insta posts can we expect from His Holiness?

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  • We all know that Pope Francis is the internet’s favorite, with his sweet grandpa demeanor and downright kindly attitude toward women and the LGBT community. He’s even on Twitter, bringing a bit of love and prayer and a whole bunch of parody accounts to our timelines.

    Now it looks like he could be joining Instagram, and we can hardly contain our excitement.

    TechCrunch reports:

    Italian newswire ANSA reports that the pontiff will make his Instagram debut on March 19 using the account name Franciscus, citing a Vatican Radio interview with Holy See spokesman Dario Viganò.

    Pope Francis, who has extolled the ability of the Internet “to build a society which is healthy and open to sharing,” held a private audience with Instagram founder and chief executive officer Kevin Systrom last month […] Media reports don’t say if the two discussed setting up an official papal photo-sharing account, but they did talk about the power of images to bring people together across social boundaries...

    Obviously we have a lot of questions. Are #PopeSelfies going to become a thing? Will he use #WCW to celebrate women in the Catholic church or would it just be the Virgin Mary every single time? Will he stress about what filter to use when he snaps a picture of his wine and wafers before Communion?

    These are important religious matters that need addressing.

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