Buzzfeed’s “27 Questions Black People Have for Black People” Video Backfires

The black community had plenty to say about Buzzfeed’s latest conversation starter.

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  • Buzzfeed ran into an issue that a lot of digital media companies have these days: in our rush to come up with new ideas for content that’s both click-baity and thought-provoking, sometimes we royally screw it up.

    Their latest list-style video, “27 Questions Black People Have For Black People,” features a group of black actors posing challenging questions to their community. The problem is, a lot of these questions sound like something your vaguely racist white uncle might post on Facebook.

    “If my dab is on fleek, am I lit?”

    “Why are we more likely to engage in the new dance trend than we are to get involved in politics or opening a business?”

    “Why do we call each other the N word, but get vehemently upset when a white person uses the N word?”

    “Why is my natural hair, the hair that grows out of my head, seen as a political statement?”

    Black commentators and activists had plenty of responses to these questions — but probably not the responses Buzzfeed was hoping for.

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  • Unfortunately, what was meant to be an honest and insightful discussion about black identity will likely end up as the go-to response for racist white people on the internet — people declaring “see, THESE black people agree with me!” when they’re called out about hurtful stereotypes. It’s basically “some of my best friends are black” in YouTube form.

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