Pope Francis Embraces YouTubers

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  • If you’ve ever wondered if beauty and lifestyle gurus had an impact on the world, you can now know the answer is certain They do, and the Pope just said so.

    Last Sunday, twelve YouTubers from six different continents met with Pope Francis in an effort to discuss how they could help their followers who felt isolated and alienated from others. The Pope encouraged them to create their own identities and urged their followers to do the same.

    “You can create a virtual identity; you belong to this circle at least virtually. From that you can start taking a path of optimism and hope,”

    Pope Francis has further proven which seems to be his overall goal of creating a platform for individual character and rational mentality. He went on to further sperate extremist fundamentalists from those of true faith.

    He then spoke about specific new media personalities and how they have gone against the grain to pave the way for this new way of thinking. If you’d like to read more about this, check out this article by the Independent here.

    Pope Francis may be dealing an old world mentality, but he has shown time after time to be open and accepting of today’s current climate.