McDonald's Mocks President Trump With Insane Tweet

The President just got insulted by a hamburger. Nice.

  • "I'm loving it". McDonald's slogan that applies to its customers, its food, but amazingly not its president. Or at least it seemed that way after McDonald's sent this ridiculous Tweet to Snoop Dogg music video character and unlikely commander in chief, Donald Trump—mocking his presidency, his hands, and wishing for Obama back. The Tweet was even pinned to their profile for a while until it was taken down!

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  • Yikes! The President actually owned by McDonald's, food so cheap and bad, you they give Trump steaks a run for their money!

    Hello, is this thing on? Hello?

    In any case, the Tweet was quickly deleted, and McDonald's claimed the Tweet was being currently investigated.

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  • But whatever this is, it's insane and amazing! What's Trump going to do, call McDonald's failing? Nah! Everyone wants those delicious one dollar hamburgers! I would love to have seen the conversation that stopped Trump from Tweeting about this though. The hardest battle the White House has ever fought, I'm sure.

    The McDonald's of presidents vs. The McDonald's of McDonald'ses… yes…

    The people of Twitter sounded off.

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  • This is all the more tragic, considering Donald Trump's once deeply close partnership with The Grimace.

  • What do you think of the Tweet? Would you like to see a war between the White House and the Golden Arches? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending, and remember to eat your cheap garbage meat a little more meaningfully than usually.

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