United Violently Removes Man Due To Overcrowding

United has violently removed a doctor flying home to work after overselling the flight and looking for seats for their crew.

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  • Only a few weeks after their disastrous legging incident, United is at it again, treating their customers like garbage, as they drag a screaming doctor off their flight from Chicago to Louisville, KY after they have overbooked it in order to find a seat for a member of their staff. The doctor may have been beaten violently by the United staff, as he appeared to be bleeding from his mouth

    The man, it turned out, was a doctor on a flight to see patients, so congratulations United. Your pigheaded actions may have endangered some lives. Good work. Good work all. Oh look, here it is from another angle.

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  • United has yet to apologize directly. Check out the weak apology above. They apologize for the overbooking situation, and not that a man was forcibly thrown off a plane in a disgusting abuse of power by the police. Why would anyone ever — ever fly United ever again!? Why! That's the message United is sending. Why would anyone buy a ticket on a United flight without first going "do I feel like getting into a traumatic altercation? I wonder…"

    I guess here we have to end our article with an ad for Virgin Flights. Virgin — I bought CD's from it in the 90's and now I use it to fly. Virgin.

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