Trump's Tweets Bad Again

This time he insulted MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski, and it seems like Republicans are finally speaking out against this weird creature they've took in!

  • Folks. I have some very grave news. The president's Twitter feed is extremely bad yet again. During one of Donald Trump's regular screeds against the press for the crime of — I guess reporting the actual things he says and does — he Tweeted a weird sexist, garbage person screed against MSNBC journalist Mika Brezinski. Are you guys ready to read the Tweets!?!? Here are the Tweets!

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  • Trump is as always, obsessed with showing off his absolute hatred for women, and while the guy has never relented from showing off his absolute lack of respect for women, it's been a while since he reminded us of it with one of his sonic Twitter screeds — folks, here it is! And people are rightfully outraged, and this time— taken aback. Even GOP Senators — and Mika Brzezinski had the best response of them all! Check it out below.

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  • Also like — this is what Mika looked like on the night in question. So yeah. What's going on, weirdo? Why is the president bullying a private citizen. All it made him was look like incomprehensible garbage. What a weird, weird thing.

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  • But who cares. I hope once again the GOP is reminded they have allowed a disgusting creep to head up their party and yeah — this is what the results of electing this guy is. I don't know if this will result in an apology — the GOP hasn't had something like this on their hands since he got elected president — but it certainly feels new, right?

    One of the most telling responses came from NBC's Mark Kornblau however, who said —

  • Where do you think this latest gross act from Donald Trump will have the scandal laden president end up? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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