Gun Control Debate Reignited by Las Vegas Shooting

The conversation on gun control has once again come to the forefront.

  • The recent Las Vegas shooting has reignited America’s ongoing gun control debate. Many on the right — while sending thoughts and prayers — seem unwilling to engage in meaningful action on gun control — in fact spreading the message that such a conversation is inappropriate. Many on the other side — mainly non politicians honestly — want to see an honest and forward thinking conversation on the issue. Here are some Tweets from those who want to see change happen — one from Hillary Clinton who has weighed in on the debate and the NRA’s attempts to ban the silencer. Here are some of the thoughts — including from Caleb Keeter — a musician at the shooting who talked about some of the points from anti gun control advocates, and how they proved to be useless in a crisis.

  • Meanwhile Vox has an excellent run down of gun control facts — including that even though Americans make up about around 4.43% of the world’s population they own around 42% of the world’s guns — and that populations with more guns have greater gun deaths. In fact “good guys with guns” — the people the GOP claim will stop gun deaths — tend to be more likely to get themselves killed. It’s a good article.

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