Director of ‘Bring It On’ Asks Roy Moore Not to Reference His Movie

Considering Roy Moore used the reference to be defiant about all his sex crimes -- that's understandable.

  • Imagine you’re Roy Moore — a creepy judge running for an Alabama Senate seat who turned out to actually be a creepy sex criminal who dates teen girls as young as 14 and sexually assaults other teen girls. Hell, at one point he was banned from a mall for hitting on too many teens. Imagine that — you’re such a sex pest the mall bans you! Well, after hemming and hawing for a while, the Republican party’s leader Mitch McConnell asked Roy Moore to resign, and Roy Moore had one thing to say…

  • A defiant sex criminal. What a terrible creep. The story didn’t end there however, because, as all of Twitter was quick to point out — Bring It On is a movie about teen girls. Cheerleaders specifically — but teen girls. And Roy Moore is being accused of dating and assaulting teen girls. So Bring It On is ure to be a favorite of teen girl sex criminal Roy Moore. People were quick to point out the stupidity of this.

  • Ha, Chris Hansen… anyway! The best part however was when Peyton Reed — now known as the director of Ant-Man, once upon a time the director of Bring It On told Roy Moore one thing…

  • Nice. What do you think of this? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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