These Images Show A World Without Net Neutrality - Why You Should Care!

Unless you want to pay for every website you use, you really should support Net Neutrality!

  • The FCC has once again brought net neutrality — the concept of a free and open internet — under attack. Net Neutrality is a very important concept to the freedom of speech — meaning corporations cannot slowdown websites for a variety of reasons. Those reasons could include the political — if a certain website is critical of AT+T for example, AT+T could slow them down. It’s not that different than what Disney did with the LA Times until they were publicly exposed for their bullying. It could also mean that corporations could transform the internet into a more expensive animal — limiting what you use it for and charging you more for things you already use. This only benefits the corporations and not the people, and a series of images going around online have made this hit home all the more.

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  • This image showcases just how corporations will plan to bill you for the basic internet functions you already use. This will also destroy the growth of the internet, as the financial ceilings for new companies to enter, and the financial ceilings for customers to accept the new companies could become incredibly limiting. Also, just take a look at what your new internet subscription page could look like once Net Neutrality is done away with!

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  • There is something you can do! Call your congressman— whose phone number you can find at Then, when you’re done with that, check out some guidelines at and call Ajit Pai, the chairman of the FCC, at 202-418-1000, and tell him you support a fair and open internet. There’s a script on the website if you’re interested.

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  • What will you do to help keep the net neutral? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending, and make sure to check out our explainer on what Net Neutrality is here.

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