Local News Station Does Not Break The Law

WCJB 20 from Florida shows some "highlights" from this weekend's Elite Eight game of Dayton vs. Florida.

  • Gator Basketball Defeats Dayton, Advances to Final Four

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    And boom goes the dynamite. Did you see how hard he slam-dunked? From those highlights, Dayton didn’t even stand a chance. They only had two players on the court also…

    It’s great when local news stations have their videos go viral that aren’t either fails or earthquakes because we can all use a cheesy laugh day to day.

  • News Station, WCJB 20, from Gainesville, Florida wanted to do nothing more than share the Elite Eight college basketball game of Dayton vs. Florida. Yet, for legal reasons, they were not allowed to show actual highlights of the game, which happened Saturday, March 29. But, they did it anyway in their own unique performance. Take a look and see,

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