iSekC brings the HEAT to Vid Con! | #VidCon2014

iSekC wants you to know he's not a bad boy. But saying that SUUUUURE did make a lot of girls scream at the Samsung Studio, so the verdict is still out..

  • After coming to VidCon every year since the first, iSekC brought the HEAT to VidCon 2014.

    His name originated when he was a kid and wanted a weird way of spelling sexy.

    "It's better than cool123 or whatever other kids were calling themselves," iSekC told us.

    He's expanding by also creating a gaming channel.

    "When I started, I did spoofs, parodies, music and made fun of pop culture. I've tested everything and seen what works and what doesn't," the YouTuber told us. "Over time, I've developed a format and also have a gaming channel, which has surpassed my comedy channel."

    Check out his series, "thug life."

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