MissGlamorazzi faces her FEARS at VidCon! | #VidCon2014

Ingrid Nilsen says she's not a superstar, and she hides in bed with her laptop. But we YANKED off the covers and got her take on VidCon 2014!

  • MissGlamorazzi originally created her YouTube channel to overcome her fear of talking to people and being on camera.

    What she does in her spare time? Sits under the covers on her laptop, because, after all, she's an Internet person so that makes sense.

    When she's not on the Internet, she's eating doughnuts. Actually, sneaking them from her parents.

    "It would be an amazing job to be eating doughnuts all day," she told us.

    She started about 4 and a half years now and it became a profession after her first year.

    "I started looking at it a little differently after my first year because I thought maybe I could turn this into something so much more," MissGlamorazzi told us at VidCon 2014. "I really love what I do."

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