IISuperwomanII Loves Her.. CHEST HAIR?! | #VIDCON2014

Superwoman didn't ask to be THE Indian American female icon on YouTube, but buddy, that's what happened!

  • We caught up with Superwoman after she just got back from conferences in Singapore and Sydney.

    She explained what fans are like in different countries.

    "I have this conclusion that fans are all different and all the same," she told us. "They're all the same in the sense that they're all supportive and very kind and respectful. They're different because they go crazy in different ways."

    This biggest change in the past year has been traveling to different countries.

    "I go to these places, I meet these people and get a new support system in those countries and it shows in my numbers," the YouTuber told us.

    Her favorite character? Her dad character because he's so out there and so exaggerated and his facial expressions are so ugly.

    "I think more than anything I love having chest hair," she admitted.

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