YouTube Stars Of VidCon Answer Your Tumblr Questions

We asked your favorite YouTube stars your Tumblr questions and they answered!

  • What is something you regret from the past month?

    Superwoman -- "Not watching Game Of Thrones because everyone tweets about it and I don't know what anyone is talking about."

    Kingsley -- "Something relationship-wise that I don't want to talk about."

    Chester See -- "That one night at Taco Bell, not good."

    Miranda Sings -- "Not coming to VidCon earlier so that I can hang out with more people because I feel like I'm not going to get enough pictures with everyone."

    Do you believe in love at first sight?

    Lucas And Jenny -- "Yes, I fell in love with Lucas the first time I met him," Jenny told us.

    Brittani Louise Taylor -- "Sure, there's been people I've seen that I'm like 'I looooove you, like you're beautiful!"

    Miranda Sings -- "Of course. Love at first sight is real and even when I saw myself out of the birth canal, I knew it was the one."

    Rebecca Black -- "Yea, I think so. I don't know if I actually do, but I like to believe that it's true."

    Superwoman -- "I fell in love with Kingsley the moment I met him, so yes."

    Shanna Malcolm -- "I absolutely do, but I'm a hopeless romantic. I have a stack of romance novels in my apartment, mainly because I don't have a man. If you know anyone interested, have them tweet me because I'm getting desperate."

    What was the last song you sang?

    The Hillywood Sisters -- Empire State Of Mind

    Kingsley -- Monster

    Kandee Johnson -- Latch by Disclosure

    Brittani Louise Taylor -- Let It Go

    Lucas and Jenny -- Let It Go

    What's a strange habit that you have?

    Kingsley -- "I noticed when I take pictures, I flip up my right leg like a black flamingo."

    Meghan Camarena -- "When I shampoo my hair, I lose my hair like crazy and it just grows back instantly, but I roll them up into little balls and make snowmen out of them in my shower."

    Chester See -- "I let my toenails grow so long."

    Superwoman -- "I just got this new ring, so now throughout all my interviews I twirl it."

    Michael Buckley -- "When I yell at my dogs, I yell 'I love you' so it doesn't sound like I'm yelling 'shut up.'"

    How would you describe your type?

    The Hillywood Sisters -- "Good personality, someone who makes me laugh and makes me feel happy all the time."

    Kandee Johnson -- "They would be goo if they were pleasant to the eyes, but funny and just thinks that I'm awesome."

    Joslyn Davis -- "Handsome."

    Shanna Maloom -- "Alive. Male.'

    Miranda Sings -- "They have to be famous, talented and attractive because we have to be on the same level."

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