What's Trending at Playlist Live DC!

Missed out on Playlist DC? We teamed up with Marriott to bring you highlights from the What's Trending stage.

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    Playlist Live DC was amazing this year, and thanks to Marriott Hotels we were in the middle of the action. Our own Shira Lazar interviewed the biggest names on YouTube, Vine and social media from the What's Trending stage.

    If you couldn't be there, don't worry - we've got interview highlights with some of your favorites, including Shay Carl talking about his Trixin clothing line, who inspires Alexis G Zall to make videos and why she's secretly a soccer mom, and the five things about Hartbeat that society hates on her for and why this motivates her to speak out.

    The rest of our videos are coming soon, so bookmark this page for updates!

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    Vlogging and comedy superstar Alexis G. Zall hangs with Shira at Playlist Live, revealing what makes her the perfect soccer mom, the magic of collaborating with Shane Dawson and the secrets behind her breakout YouTube success.

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    Shay Carl, Bart Baker and Shira Lazar look back on 7 amazing years of the Shaytards channel! Find out why SonTard is such a hit with the ladies, how Trixin Clothing came together and what Shay and his wife were talking about 6 years ago today!

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    YouTuber and musician Tessa Violet (MeekaKitty) sounds off on Nicole Arbour's controversial "Dear Fat People" video.

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    Prankster Roman Atwood and Brittney Smith share the real stories behind some of his cruelest pranks, including that sex tape prank and the time he tricked Brittney into thinking their kid died. (No, really. He did that. It actually happened.)

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    Hart (of Hartbeat) helps you educate yo self, but more importantly, educate the haters in your life.

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