Here are the Top Videos and Creators of 2015!

What's Trending teamed up with Tubular Labs for our 4th annual roundup of the internet's biggest and best.

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  • It’s that time again! What’s Trending and video intelligence firm Tubular Labs have released our 4th annual list of the ‘Top Viral Videos and Stars of 2015.’ For the first time, the list includes trending videos on different platforms such as Vine, Facebook and Instagram.

    Shira Lazar and YouTube parody star Bart Baker take you through the viral video highlights of 2015; what made you laugh, cry, cringe and think. The videos on this list had to break through the video clutter and get people talking and sharing on social. And this year, the list covers a range of new categories, from Top Instagram and Vine videos to Celebrity Meeting Fan video to Statement of the Year video.

    And the winners are...

    Viner of the Year: KingBach
    27.3 million cross-platform followers
    14.5 million Vine followers
    In 2015:
    ▪ 152 Vines
    ▪ 2.2 billion views
    ▪ Most watched Vine: https://vine.co/v/OTBMavBrEiV (57M Loops)

    Most Viewed Viner of 2015: Lele Pons
    10 million Vine followers
    In 2015:
    ▪ 199 vines
    ▪ 3.1 billion views
    ▪ Most watched Vine: https://vine.co/v/OLu2tpPF0Lw (39M Loops)

    Most shared Vine:

    Most Viewed: Paris Stadium Blasts (11/13/15)
    169.3 million views on Vine
    390K cross platform engagements

    Most Engaged: Duck Army (8/30/15)
    138 million views on Vine
    2 million cross platform engagements

    Instagram Star:

    Celebrity: Taylor Swift
    217.1 million cross-platform followers
    57.2 million Instagram followers
    In 2015
    ▪ 76 Instagram videos
    ▪ 264.8 million Instagram video views
    ▪ Most watched Instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/p/76-loRDvL-/ (6.2M views)

    Influencer: Dan Bilzerian
    25.1 million cross-platform followers
    14.3 million Instagram followers
    In 2015
    ▪ 59 Instagram videos
    ▪ 26.1 million views
    ▪ Most watched Instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/p/5ITsTfoDmY/ (NSFW) (2M views)

    Brand: National Geographic
    91.3 million cross-platform followers
    37.8 million Instagram followers
    In 2015
    ▪ 77 Instagram videos
    ▪ 74.4 million views
    ▪ Most watched Instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/p/7iB2khIVSh/ (2.5M views)

    Most shared instagram video of the year: Taylor Swift dances with Dylan (9/21/15)
    6.2 million views
    2 million cross-platform engagements

    Video Brand of the year

    Overall: Buzzfeed Video
    18 million cross-platform followers
    In 2015
    ▪ 3,161 videos
    ▪ 7.1 billion views
    ▪ Most watched video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1716156491858559 (81.3M views)

    Celebrity: Ellen DeGeneres
    111 million cross-platform followers
    In 2015
    ▪ 2,024 videos
    ▪ 2.9 billion views
    ▪ Most watched video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153897769757240 (74.3M views)

    Comedy Sketch of the Year: Buzzfeed’s Puppyhood
    81.3 million views on Facebook, 8 million on YouTube
    3 million cross-platform engagements

    Movie trailer of the year: Star Wars: The Force Awakens (10/19/15)
    68 million views on YouTube
    201M Cross-Platform Video Views
    5.9M Cross-Platform engagements

    Facebook page/star of the year: Cristiano Ronaldo
    186.4 million followers
    108 million Facebook followers
    In 2015
    ▪ 32 Facebook videos
    ▪ 158.4 million views
    ▪ Most watched video: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153589305572164 (44.9M views)

    Facebook video of the year: Baked Apple Roses (10/5/15) (also overall top food video cross-platform)
    222 million views
    7.8 million cross-platform engagements

    Interview of the year: French father & son (11/16/15)
    42 million views
    1.6 million cross-platform engagements

    Viral game of the year: Pie in the face (4/20/15)
    175.4 million views
    4.5 million engagements

    Top video posted by a celebrity: Dog costume - Tyrese Gibson (11/19/15)
    154.9 million views
    6 million engagements

    Cutest baby video: This is why moms never get work done (2/18/15)
    152.8 million views
    5.4 million engagements

    Celebrity meeting fan video: “Captain Jack Sparrow” at hospital (7/9/15)
    134.1 million views
    2.9 million cross-platform engagements

    “Happy tears” video: Welcome back, troops (12/31/14)
    127.4 million views
    4 million cross-platform engagements

    Fail of the Year: Mini basketball fail (7/6/15)
    84.3 million views
    882K cross-platform engagements

    Family vlogger video: Dead Husband Walking - Eh Bee Family (8/18/15)
    125.9 million views
    3.3 million cross-platform engagements

    Animal video of the year: Unlikely Friends - Android Ad (2/8/15)
    178.8 million views
    5.4 million cross-platform engagements

    Funniest TV blooper reel: America's Funniest Home Videos - Ice Bucket bloopers (3/17/15)
    187.9 million views
    4.9 cross-platform engagements

    Viral Trend of the Year: The Dress
    73 million views on the original Tumblr post
    The Dress was referenced on Twitter over 10 million times in one week.
    About 20,000 different videos about The Dress were posted across various platforms

    YouTube star of the year: PewDiePie
    62.1 million cross-platform followers
    40.7 million YT followers
    In 2015
    ▪ 577 YT videos
    ▪ 2.4 billion views
    ▪ Most watched video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhjCMsWrfrk&feature=youtu.be (22.9M views)

    Music video of the year: See You Again - Wiz Khalifa for Fast & Furious 7 (4/6/15)
    1.2 billion views
    9.3 million cross-platform engagements

    Top children’s video: The Ball Pit Show - learning colors (6/23/15)
    225.9 million views
    147K cross-platform engagements

    International video / Inspiring video: Security camera / homeless guy (8/28/15)
    190.3 million views
    8.4 million cross-platform engagements

    Prank of the year: Crazy Plastic Ball Prank (1/18/15)
    55.9 million views
    773K engagements

    Music video parody of the year: Uptown Funk parody (1/31/15)
    25.9 million views
    279K cross-platform engagements

    Most discussed YouTube topic of the year: Minecraft
    4.2 million videos
    32.3 billion views
    997K creators

    Cover of the Year: Megan Trainor’s Lips Are Movin (1/21/15)
    56.6 million views
    325K cross-platform engagements

    Wedding Proposal of the Year: 365 Day Wedding Proposal (1/18/15)
    26.1 million views
    63K cross-platform engagements

    Statement Video of the Year: Self-Esteem - Drawing Hearts (9/9/15)
    123.3 million views
    3.3 million engagements

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