Today's Featured Instagrammer: Pei Ketron, Educator, Traveler And Photographer

Her photographs aren't the only thing that you'll fall in love with. Her warm personality will no doubt make you swoon, too.

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    Source: Pei Ketron / Via: Pei Ketron

    Born in Taiwan and raised in Navajo Nation, Ariz., Pei Ketron, first discovered her passion for photography in her third year of university while studying abroad in Prague in the early 2000s. Despite having discovered her obsession with photography, it wasn’t until after a decade of working as an elemtary school special education teacher, that Pei decided her creative side’s calling had gotten too loud to ignore.

    Luckily for us she made the jump over because not only has she blessed us with some of the most wonderful visuals the Internet has to offer, but her work has also bettered the world, especially due to her working for a number of humanitarian programs, including Unicef and Save the Children.

    On her free time, Pei continues to document her interest in the symmetrical and asymmetrical, lines and silhouettes on Instagram. All of which make her photographs as striking as they are. She credits her dad’s art books, which she viewed as a child, for her interest in vanishing points.

    The colors in Pei’s photographs are equally as striking, usually featuring a warm glow. We like to think those photographs sum up Pei’s personality nicely.

    Pei’s clients curently include Apple, Adobe, Discover, Mercedes, Michael Kors, Square and much more.

    For all of you aspiring photographers out there, Pei’s advice is simple: 1) Always know why you’re taking the photo that you’re taking. 2) Never stop shooting.

    You can follow Pei’s spectacular photographic journey on her Instagram. You can also check out her portfolio, which is nothing short of mindblowing.

  • The following are some of Pei's favorite snaps from her Instagram feed:

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    Source: Pei Ketron / Via: Pei Ketron

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    Source: Pei Ketron / Via: Pei Ketron

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    Source: Pei Ketron / Via: Pei Ketron

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    Source: Pei Ketron / Via: Pei Ketron

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