Musicians, Lifestyle Bloggers, and More. These Sisters Do It All | #WebCrushWednesday

The Gardiner sisters have some of the sweetest harmonies on YouTube, but singing isn't all they're up to online!

  • Mirrors- Justin Timberlake Acoustic Cover - Gardiner Sisters

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    Best known for their unique blend in harmonies on YouTube, looks like our Web Crush this week are broadening their horizons. The Gardiner Sisters are going from posting covers on YouTube to vlogging and blogging!

  • Eating Our Way Through San Francisco! | Gardiner Sisters Vlog

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    This vlog is from their recent trip to San Francisco (after their first sold out show in Los Angeles) which they posted on their vlog channel. To accompany the video, they have a matching blog post. Their blog lives on gardinersisters.com, a site they converted from their music site to a new lifestyle blog.

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    The blog shows off their photography skills, and shares their thoughts beyond YouTube. Not only does the blog show off all the delicious food they encounter on their travels, but it also shows off their style!

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  • So, an on the rise music channel on YouTube, a vlog channel that lets their fans see their lives beyond the music, and a lifestyle blog where they share their style and adventures. Is that all to the Gardiner Sisters? Nope! The sisters have started body image, and self confidence campaign called "Be Real Beauty."

  • Be Real Beauty - Gardiner Sisters

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    "Be Real Beauty" is a project the sisters started to encourage their views to really take pride in who they are. Fans can take a photo of themselves and give a little insight into what they think true beauty is, and they get featured on the Be Real Beauty Instagram!

  • "Be Real Beauty" Tag - Evynne Hollens

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  • YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL | True Beauty Tag | Alex G

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    Some of our other favorite YouTubers were inspired to join in one the movement as well!

    Sharing their talents, lives, all while inspiring us to be us the way we are is why the Gardiner Sisters are our Web Crush this week!

    Let us know who you think should be our Web Crush next week in the comments below, or tweet us about them @WhatsTrending and they could be here next week!

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